ZAM is a cosmetic brand established in 2016 by the power of 5 sisters, each with their own unique personalities but in same goals to represent “Unleashing Your Inner beauty”, a beauty that come from inside and out.

Together, they envisioned the brand and brought it to life to showcase the extensive aesthetics and timeless range of colors they designed. Emboldened with ZAM and what it stands for, they believe that the world is not just your oyster but also your stage.

ZAM’s Lip Matte are the way to go. ZAM’s ultra-pigmented matte formula glides on with various colours that stays all day long with Halal Ingredients and UV Protection. The formula is creamy with incredible opaque payoff with one swipe and has good scented smell. Dried instantly without leave any residue. ZAM’s Lip Matte moves well with the lip and doesn’t piece apart or crack.


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