ZAMcosmetic Collection

Tasya is a loving and kind individual who is sensitive and attentive to her family and friends. Feminine and sentimental, she brings peace and joy to everyone around her.

Zaskia is a nurturer who deeply cares about other people, and making others happy. Warm – hearted and gracious, Zaskia enjoys using her own capabilities to help others succeed.

Tania is someone with rough edges and owns it. She walks the talk and doesn’t back down when the journey gets tough. Independent
and ruled by her own perspective, she always stands up for what she believes in.

Marsha is a sports enthusiast who shows that women can be made of strength and beauty. Never bogged down by small matters, she is straight-talking and even-tempered. When life throws a curveball at her, she faces the challenge with courage and a grin on her face.

Rifqa is an acquired taste. Intriguing and mysterious, she is an oddball who is in no way unfriendly or creepy, but instead really endearing. She is proud of what makes her different and has a keen interest in sprituality.




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